TWA FLIGHT 800 Downed by Missile: TERRORISM 1996

TWA FLIGHT 800 was DOWNED in 1996 by a MISSILE, not the fuel tank!

Crash of TWA FLIGHT 800 
A researcher of the TWA Flight 800 downing used Google Earth to verify the claims of witnesses that
the 747 jetliner was shot down by a missile, contrary to the official irrational fuel tank explanation.
Robert Donaldson interviewed a key witness, Mike Wire, whose testimony was used to create the 
govt explanation.  Govt ignored and tried to discredit more than 100 eyewitnesses who saw a streak,
or fireworks rise from the surface and impact Flight 800 July 17, 1996.

Donaldson went to Long Island, NY to take a photograph of the view and analyze it.  The result was
nothing like the CIA described.  Wire says the CIA completely distorted his statement and never 
interviewed him.  READ  "First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America" by Jack Cashill and
James Sanders say government lies upped drama ante for terrorists.
The DOWNING of TWA FLIGHT 800, WorldNetDaily April 5, 2006:

My most recent information says the US NAVY shot down TWA 800
with a missile they had aimed at a small plane threatening to
crash into the passenger jet. At present this is in court and

December, 2002

Suddenly this looks more like a missile than ever before,
with the news al qaida tried to shoot down a plane in Kenya
with a shoulder fired SAM missile.

Clinton Knew,  Ari Fleischer queried on Flight 800
but only gave typical Ari-speak, no answer.

Did Clinton crony corrupt Flight 800 probe?
Jamie Gorelick purposely corrupted the investigation
of TWA Flight 800 as US deputy attorney general. 
So why is she now going to the National Terrorism
Commission known as the 911 Commission?
Insane!  She covers up terrorism!

Feds legally concede probe corrupted
U.S. Justice Department acknowledged
its investigation of the downing of 
TWA Flight 800 was corrupted.

IRAQ Behind TWA 800. Evidence 1996 event part of Saddam's
revenge on USA, terrorists possibly Iraqi responsible for
TWA Flight 800 in July 1996. Mechanical failure could NOT
have destroyed the Paris-bound Boeing

TWA Flight 800 shot down on July 16, 1996. 
On July 15  a communiqu  was issued by Islamic jihad
connected to Iraq. It read: "The mujahideen [holy warriors]
will deliver the ultimate response to the threats of the foolish
American president. Everyone will be amazed at the size of
that response. Their time is at the morning-dawn," which
corresponded to dusk in New York when TWA Flight 800 
was downed. On July 18, they released another communiqu 
 through terrorist channels in Beirut that read: 
"We carried out our promise with the plane attack of yesterday."

Jack Cashill and James Sanders have written several books
"First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America"


Minutes after take off July 17, 1996, a Boeing 747 destined for Paris exploded
off the coast of Long Island, New York, killing all on board.

How many JOBS at Boeing have been lost because Boeing is
falsely accused by a government cover up?
Terrorism exposed by Sanders and Cashill has led everyone on this crisis of integrity
On the evening of July 17, 1996, at 8:19 pm, TWA Flight 800,
a Boeing 747, took off from Kennedy Airport off New York
At 8:31 pm, over 730 people watched Flight 800 explode

The U.S. government issued an explanation that a fuel tank had
somehow exploded, killed these 230 Americans. They denied any
evidence existed that Flight 800 had been downed by a missile.

Few 'journalists' bothered to investigate eyewitnesses, the radar records and
the physical evidence that all suggested a strikingly different explanation of
Flight 800's untimely demise. And those few who did question the government's
version were made to look like fools or criminals for meddling in the coverup.

Was it China or Russia who fired this missile or Iraq or Iran?

TWA Flight 800: Subversion of Justice
Silenced: Flight 800 & the Subversion of Justice
by Jack Cashill

George W. Bush quietly promised to clean up intelligence & remove this
if elected. However, Intelligence professionals feel betrayed.
The lawlessness of the Clinton administration is ignored. 

Warring factions inside the intelligence community may be choosing sides,
preparing for a showdown. One faction is even rumored to consider stooping
to such tactics as honesty & facts, threatening to hide behind a facade of
integrity as an excuse to destroy the cancer within. Since when does
integrity and truth need an 'excuse'?

Navy radar recorded an object hurtling onto the radar screen moments before
TWA 800 Boeing 747 splashed into the Atlantic, off NYC. Shortly afterward
compelling witnesses began to come forward. FAA technicians picked up the
phone and told the White House an apparent missile merged with Flight 800
shortly before it disappeared from the screen.

Clinton's 'Justice' Dept neutralized the witnesses. Military intelligence
analysis of that evidence pointed to missiles. That analysis was passed
upward into the politically-contaminated upper reaches of the Clinton
administration where it was killed.


Who destroyed that analysis?
What?  Precisely what did the analysis reveal?
Where?  Who replaced it with the contrived and politically
correct "mechanical"?  (and WHERE is the evidence NOW?)

February, 2002 UPDATE
Experts say both CIA and FBI are so corrupt in the LEADERSHIP, that it can
ONLY be fixed by getting rid of ALL the leaders. I have seen enough to
believe this. Those in the field are good, but the higher ups are corrupt.

"You don't want to go there, Jack" said James Sanders, 
who authored 'The Downing of Flight 800'.

Silenced compares what the key eyewitness saw, in their own words, against
what the NTSB says they saw. Discrepancies are damning beyond description.
* It shows why the CIA animation of a 3,000 foot climb is
aerodynamically impossible for a noseless airplane.
* It shows how the NTSB missile test confirms what the real witnesses saw. 
* It documents the FAA radar sighting of a likely missile strike &
shows the steps taken to conceal that evidence.

"The cover-up is so brazen, and the truth so obvious, it stuns even a cynic."
CIA did not interview a single witness to the disaster

Said Eyewitnesses
- CIA testimony did not depict what he saw, and he was never contacted by CIA.
- animated version did not reflect the real-life event.

Haunting evidence of missile attack By Julie Foster,
736 official eyewitnesses testified that they saw missiles headed for the
aircraft, several of them experienced military personnel. One was flying
a National Guard helicopter as he saw the tragedy unfold.

Major Fritz Meyer tells what he saw in the sky at 8:31 pm - a trail of white
headed for the plane and then 4 explosions before the ultimate fuel-tank
explosion that erupted into a fireball. When Meyer approached the FBI to give
his testimony, a 5 minute interview with a single agent who took no notes.
Meyer is a Vietnam combat veteran who was awarded the Distinguished Flying
Cross.  (I saw Meyer on the FOX TV special saying:
"record this and DON'T CHANGE IT!")

Government Cover Up

I find I just do not believe anything our media or government says

MISSILE Brought it Down July, 1996

October, 2001 BOEING was set up by the United States government, then the new
juicy contract for a new fighter jet is given to Lockheed Martin, not Boeing.

James D. Sanders wrote several books, did a series in January 2000, has done several, proving beyond doubt that a missile, not the
Boeing fuel tank, brought down TWA 800. The Clinton govt LIED to us (surprise!)
WORSE: It appears the Bush admin won't clear this up!

This missile was seen by credible witnesses, all pinpointed its trajectory
from the same place. Media is complicit in squelching the truth to this day.

PART 1:  Obstruction of Justice Was Ongoing
by James D. Sanders
I'm a retired police officer / journalist. For almost 15 years I have used the
skills learned on the job in Southern California law enforcement to investigate
wrongdoing within the federal government.

July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747 with 230 passengers and crew,
crashed less than 10 miles south of Long Island. All on board died. During
the first hours after the crash, the airwaves were filled with EYEWITNESS
accounts of a missile streaking up into the air and a plane falling from the
sky. Soon the NY Times, NBC News and the NTSB was carrying Flight 800 stories
that sounded more like FBI propaganda than journalism. 

Reporters told stories that questioned the official govt line, intimating that
it had been spiked. Navy divers removed highly sensitive debris from the ocean
floor within 48 hours after the crash; military officers admitting off the
record that a major "screw-up" had caused the crash; that Navy sources were
talking of a large concentration of Navy ships south of Long Island, the
launch of a drone and "friendly fire."

I eventually developed sources within the govt and the Flight 800 investigation.
A stream of documents & forensic evidence became available establishing beyond a
doubt that obstruction of justice was ongoing at the senior-most levels of those
government agencies that controlled the investigation.

Part 2:  TWA 800: Missile Evidence Doesn't Lie
Government documents used to write my book told of a much different event
initiating the crash of TWA Flight 800 than the government1s version. FAA
radar technicians saw a missile on their scopes and immediately notified the
White House. The documents also revealed there was damage to the recovered
debris consistent with a missile warhead explosion in the center-wing tank (CWT).
The documents said there was an initial, narrow area of damage that crossed the
Boeing 747 in the area immediately in front of the CWT, generally in a
right-to-left direction. Samples of the residue tested were consistent
with the residue from a solid-fuel missile.

TWA Flight 800 Part 3:  Powerful Interests Threatened
The FBI & Justice Dept used their awesome power to harass, intimidate and
persecute. They feared the truth being known, and used their power in
an attempt to neutralize my investigation.

Part 4:   NBC News Willingly Used in LIE
(No surprise, NBC kept Clinton in office Feb. 1999
when he should have been thrown out!)

A Senior TWA pilot had flown that very plane from France to JFK New York
the night before Flight 800 crashed. He was one of the first TWA people
assigned to the NTSB investigation. The NTSB and NBC News conspired to
have American public to accept passively a "mechanical" explanation.

The FBI conducts tests without sharing the results with the NTSB.
Insurmountable problem- The center-wing-tank (CWT) low-level explosion
could not produce enough energy to put both recorders out of action. 

FBI teams identified all missile witnesses thought to be credible.
Each witness point of observation was established and surveyor
equipment was used to establish a flight path for the missile.
All trajectories came from the area south of Long Island 
and intersected the flight path of Flight 800. 

Part 5:  Evidence Altered to Fit the LIE
The narrow pattern of evidence was a limited event, not a catastrophic explosion.
A narrow damage pattern, centered on Rows 17, 18 and 19. The coroner is supposed
to release a report saying it was not the center fuel tank that caused the plane
to crash, per analysis of body damage. The majority of witnesses to something
rising into the air shortly before Flight 800 fell out of the sky said they
observed a reddish-orange flare-like object.

Part 6:  Residue found confirms Missile
The FBI and Justice Dept had failed in their mission to make the evidence
fit the predetermined outcome. Debris with blast damage had been altered.
Portions of the right wing NTSB removed'd had blast holes & tested positive
for explosive residue. Forensic evidence had been removed from the hangar and
tested POSITIVE as exhaust from a solid-fuel missile. 98% of the volume of
the residue is commonly found in incendiary warheads.

Part 7:  Government Exposed
NTSB reported redish residue was glue, and major media reported government
propaganda as fact, with no attempt to check FACTS. Merritt Birky confessed having
lied in his Fire & Explosion Report and to the media: Sanders did an elemental
analysis and thought it was a missile fuel. The residue was not glue. The government
never had reason to believe it was glue. NTSB did not verify because it was afraid
the results would confirm missile  & debunk their mechanical hypothesis. 

Part 8: Preposterous Hypothesis
GO read this in NewsMax LINKS below, just clik

November, 2010
Mysterious Missile 35 miles west of Los Angeles, California Nov 11 They are claiming it was a plane, NOT a missile. The govt lied about TWA 800 and they are lying now. CHINA has much reason to be angry with the USA. I believe a Chinese sub launched the missile just before the G-20 economic summit to influence Obama, as the excessive Fed printing of USdollars is doing great harm to China economy, on top of the bad paper and corrupt gold sold to China. In the beginning of the video there is a jetliner in the sky uncomfortably close to that missile. The military would never come that close to air traffic. Remember TWA 800? It was a Navy missile, not the Boeing fuel tank which brought the plane down. Jack Cashill (page 2) put the 2 events together too! Some wondered if disaster would befall the USA when Obama was clear. Remember the unprecedented number of people and planes he took along. Brings to mind many visions of China-Russia attack on America, and we never saw them coming. Check out these links, many thoughts and speculations, and many other links. mystery missile launch: Visions of attack on America: TWA 800:

Was the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 in Queens, New York Nov. 12, 2001
I believe YES! Another shoe bomber is likely, the damage proves it
PROOF it was an IRAQ MISSILE.   see 


The Crash of Egypt Air Flash :in 2004
The Crash of EgyptAir 990 :in 1999
AmericanAir Flight 587 Crash :First shoe bomber
Associated Retired Aviation Professionals: TWA 800 Investigation
Witness Tampering:American Flight 587


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that the Light has come into the world, 
and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, 
for their deeds were evil.  

GOD so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have
Eternal LIFE. For God did not send his Son into the world
to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

He who believes in Him is not judged;
he who does not believe has been judged already, 
because he has not believed in the name of the only 
begotten Son of God.  John 3:16-19

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