CHINA WAR plan against USA

Chinese Defense Minister Gives Speech About WAR plans against the United States.
Says China can only wait 5+ years before being forced to attack to gain "living space."

Hal Turner August 12, 2005
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Chi Haotian, China's Minister of Defense, gave the following speech
in a SECURE BRIEFING to his military leadership.

In it, he spoke openly about China's need for more living space
and stated bluntly that The United States, Canada and Australia are the only places
large enough to accommodate future Chinese needs. He notes the need for a quick
effective biological attack upon the U.S. to depopulate it 
as a prelude to conquest, and plainly states that China is working on
genetic bio-weapons to kill everyone except yellow people.

China  willing to shoot and kill women, children and prisoners of war.
He admits deliberate deception of the U.S., with China portraying itself as a
peaceful business partner, while actually planning to kill 200 million Americans.
Actual Text of the speech, loads SLOW
Hal Turner blog:

	USS San Francisco

January 8, 2005
Our nuclear submarine, the USS SAN FRANCISCO, SSN 711
was struck by an undersea UFO in the Marianas trench.
Was it a drone, missile, torpedo from China?
Or was it really just a sea mount, as Navy claims?

If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet
to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them,
that man will be taken away because of his sin,
but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.  Ezekiel 33:6

USS SAN FRANCISCO Nuclear Submarine SSN 711 Indident
Jan 8, 2005 a USA nuclear submarine, the USS SAN FRANCISCO had an 'accident'
about 350 miles south of Guam.  LOOK at that damage!
First they said it hit a sandbar then they said it hit an undersea mountain.
In my Jan 10th issue of Zions CRY - 'PRAY DELAY' 
I mentioned my dream that missiles HAVE ALREADY BEEN FIRED at us, at the USA.
I believe the USS SAN FRANCISCO sub, was hit by something from China or Russia
Same as our plane in 2001. It never struck an 'uncharted undersea mountain'
as we are told.  We very nearly lost a fast attack sub!

The sub accident may be earthquake / Tsunami related.
The Marianas trench is the deepest place on earth!  The sub has sonar!
I can believe that China had their drone ram our sub - intentionally
and the spiritual indication is - San Francisco, California is the
next HUGE EARTHQUAKE in the USA - which will have a tidal surge which goes
inland thru Bay area and thousands will die.  One man suggested the California
catastrophic earthquake will be set off by a kamakaze sub from China loaded
with nuclear junk.  It could happen.  As to WHEN I do not know.

Raven's vision was as if she was reading an article.  Raven said,
I thought the sub hit some sort of new drone from China.
China's new drone has GPS and is controled from space.
The Chinese stated that it was just a tracking drone,
used for underwater exploration, but doesn't sound right,
like that is part of the cover up as well.
The sub was struck by a drone INTENTIONALY. It missed its intended mark.
It was going after the nuclear power station on board the sub.

China is practicing with drones, but it is not a drone tha
the Navy was expecting to see, so they confiscated the drone
for further study.  The drone was not lethal and had floated off coarse.
There was a formal apology, and China agreed to let the USA keep the
drone in the spirit of continued cooperation with the West.
This was an ACT of WAR and a cover up by the press
that stated the sub ran aground.

U.S. Sailor Dies After Nuke Sub Accident:
Navy projects bringing San Francisco into port Jan 10: Interesting theories: USS SAN FRANCISCO, SSN 711 Nuclear submarine: Marianas trench, map:
Above: MAP of area of April 1, 2001 incident CHINA's WAR Plan to Defeat the USA CHINA SAID They would NUKE LOS ANGELES CHINA-AMERICA STANDOFF over PLANE: April, 2001 China Has NO RIGHT to Hold Our People Prisoner! - April 7, 2001 'NOT SO VEILED' THREAT Gen. Xiong told American China expert Charles Freeman, "You are not going to threaten us again, because in the end, you care a lot more about Los Angeles than Taipei." STILL WORSE, this Chicom General Who Threatened to Nuke Los Angeles is Now In Charge of Standoff March 1996 USA warned that the continental U.S. was now vulnerable to a Chinese nuclear ballistic missile attack. A US RC-135 reconnaisasance plane tracked at least one missile that sailed directly over Taiwan's capital, Taipei. "US analysts saw special significance in China's use of the nuclear-capable M-9 missile," Washington Post "The M-9 belonged to China's nuclear rocket force, the Second Artillery, & Chinese press accounts called attention to that fact." Though media accounts noted that 2 US aircraft carrier battle groups had been dispatched to the region, most Americans still have no idea how close America came to a second Cuban Missile Crisis. Is Beijing's continuing imprisonment of the crew of a downed US plane an isolated incident resulting from China's need to "save face," as some suggest? Or a bid to test US resolve and America's military weaknesses Is this China's opening salvo in what some say is a plan to defeat the United States in a full-blown war? YES! It's been little noted lately in American media accounts. In September 1997, Pentagon China expert Michael Pillsbury testified about China's war plans before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Chairman Richard Shelby said he called the hearing to learn about the state of US intelligence gathering on "the only great power whose defense spending has increased in recent years." In the Chinese view, "U.S. military forces, while dangerous at present, are vulnerable, even deeply flawed, and can be defeated with the right strategy," FACTS About Incident 1. This is an ACT of WAR by China on the USA 2. Our 24 men and women in China are Prisoners of WAR 3. The American plane was in INTERNATIONAL, FREE air space, it WAS NOT inside China. 4. The 2 Chinese fighter planes threatened to open fire if we did not go with them. 5. The MAYDAY was sent when China opened fire, NOT after the collision 6. One Chinese warplane DID OPEN FIRE when American plane tried to fly to Taiwan to land. 7. BLAME is 100% on CHINA ... we have NO culpability 8. President Bush is about to declare a decision to send war stuff to Taiwan. China DOES NOT want this! 9. China to use crew as 'hostages'? Beijing maneuvering to force defecting PLA colonel's extradition At least one China expert believes Beijing may be using 24 US crewmen from a Navy EP-3 "Orion" surveillance plane as "hostages" to force Washington to extradite a Chinese senior colonel back to the mainland. Yang Chih-heng, deputy director of the Strategic and Intl Studies under the private Taiwan Research Institute, a think tank, said the timing of an incident involving a Chinese F-8 fighter, which "bumped" the US plane during a spy mission Saturday night, was "unusual." "Don't you feel the timing of the event was unusual, to intercept a surveillance plane on a routine mission?" By Jon Dougherty, (link below) The China Syndrome II NewsMax Christopher Ruddy AMERICA WAKEUP! Hostage story has gotten press play, but major media couldn't very well ignore 24 Americans imprisoned in China, but they are subtly downplaying this incredibly dangerous situation. War with the US is "inevitable" statement, now a year old, has only been reported in the Washington Times. Why has the press ignored regular statements by Chinese officials that China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US and her naval fleets? AMERICA HAS NO DEFENSE for CHINA's new missiles! This Chinese action should send chills down the spine!! It should be a red alarm of the threat now posed by China. It is a threat compounded by the fact that China and Russia are pals to challenge the USA. Both nations have talked openly of their new strategic and military partnership that has been strengthened by Bill Clinton's uncalled-for war in the Balkans. China is now married to the country with the largest nuclear arsenal MARCH 31, 2001 at 8:15pm et This incident of WAR occurred on March 31, 2001 8:15pm et In the USA it was STILL MARCH, tho we didn't find out until Sunday, April 1 China Downed our Plane in international airspace It had a crew of 24, including 3 women Our plane was flying 70 miles from the Chinese coast After 60 hours we are still not allowed contact with crew PILOTS 'MAYDAY' BECAUSE CHINESE FIGHTERS SAID THEY'D BE SHOT DOWN The 4 engine turboprop surveillance plane issued a mayday call at about 8:15 pm ET Saturday, MARCH 31, and was forced to land at a military airport on Hainan Island in southern China. After landing the aircraft's pilot radioed that all 24 crewmen were safe, but were being ordered by Chinese officials to shut down the aircraft. That was the last time the plane's crew was heard from. Under International Airspace rules, the fast, more maneuverable aircraft, the Chinese jets, has the obligation to stay out of the way of the slower aircraft. Our aircraft fly routinely straight and level. It's pretty obvious as to who bumped into whom. The turboprop aircraft based in Okinawa, Japan was on a mission to gather radar frequencies and radio traffic from China's air defense, naval and missile installations. China sent planes to intercept it. About 100 people protest outside the US consulate in Hong Kong. The Chinese words read: Protest US invasion of our airspace. Some are demanding to execute our crew of 24 Make no mistake - this is an ACT of WAR China boarded our spy plane after being warned against it Chinese dissident, Harry Wu, stated it plainly Of course, China is preparing for war with the United States. China can score big points with our enemies around the world by holding on to the 24 US Navy spy plane crew. Of course it will have to eventually hand them back, but the longer it can hold on to them the higher the score. The game is called standing up to America. China will lose this round, but losing is the best possible outcome. Losing against America is nothing to be ashamed of among them. (see link at bottom of page - HARRY WU: China-USA at WAR) * CONFIDENTIAL * Red Chinese WAR Document: China Prepares for War. Insight Uncovers a Confidential Red Chinese Document Showing That China Is Preparing for War With Taiwan. (2008 - links are dead) Communist Party of China August 10, 1999 (Seal of the CMC) China already declared WAR on America 2 years ago! CHINA urged the world to accept its goal of absorbing Taiwan or risk consequences "you don't want to see." RUSSIA PLANS WAR on USA January 15, 2000 N-weapons targeted at 'hostile' West By IAN TRAYNOR in Moscow (2008 - link is dead) Russia has declared West 'hostile' and revised its defense doctrine to make it easier to press the nuclear button in an international crisis. A new strategy by Putin marks a radical shift in Russia's view of the world. It pledges to resist Western attempts to dominate the globe. As if China isn't bad enough

CHINA OPENED FIRE Navy EP-3 Orion surveillance plane CHINA OPENED FIRE on AMERICAN PLANE!! US PLANE ISSUED 'MAYDAY' AFTER CHINESE FIGHTER JETS SIGNALED THEY WOULD OPEN FIRE and DID FIRE ON US!! China's F8's carried missiles made in Israel. Israel's sold weapons to China since the 80s. USA PLANE FORCED to LAND in CHINA! Chinese fighter pilot requested permission to SHOOT DOWN the US plane. He was refused permission, instead forced the American plane to land inside China. US plane was attempting to fly away from China, to land at a US airbase. After collision the US plane attempted to fly northeast TOWARD TAIWAN away from China A US surveillance plane made an emergency landing in China because 2 Chinese F8 fighter jets signaled they'd open fire. Taiwan listened in on radio contact between the US Navy aircraft and the Chinese jets. The dialogue shows that the Chinese pilots indicated that they were "extremely likely" to open fire, causing the US aircraft to send a mayday signal to prevent an attack. When the US plane prepared for an emergency landing on the Chinese island of Hainan, it was clipped by one of the Chinese jets. The collision occurred in international airspace. While China is blaming the US for the collision, the Taiwanese sources said it was the Chinese who caused the collision when they zoomed in on the surveillance plane in a bid to intercept it. The Chinese crew aboard the jet was elated when the US plane went down. China is adamantly opposed to the Aegis deal with USA, since the destroyers would greatly improve Taiwan's ability to fend off incoming Chinese missiles. (DOH!) Crew scurried to destroy data of 'crown jewel' The crew of the disabled EP-3E had only a frantic 20 minutes to destroy high-tech eavesdropping equipment before the plane staggered into an airstrip where Chinese soldiers quickly seized the intelligence "crown jewel," Pentagon officials say. I heard one report it could 'even snatch an email'. The pilot said the crew had begun destroying vital data such as code-breaking devices. Lately the Chinese F8's had become 'like flying cowboys' with their "increasingly unsafe flying practices." On spy plane, Beijing wants Bush to blink March 24, a Chinese warship faced off with an unarmed American surveillance ship, the USS Bowditch, in international waters. The Chinese ship made aggressive moves toward the Bowditch, including targeting the vessel with its gunfire control radar. The Bowditch was forced to retreat. No coincidence that downing the plane follows Bush commitment to Taiwan's security via sale of advanced Aegis destroyers, after his visit with China's Qian Qichen in Washington last month; a failure from Beijing's perspective. Rumsfeld calls China the emerging threat of the 21st century. Beijing wants Bush to blink. It hopes it can win concessions to end a crisis it precipitated. Instead, Bush should offer an escalation of realism Arms sales to Taiwan MORE likely cause - This ACT of WAR could prompt members of Congress to act more quickly to provide military equipment to Taiwan. A bipartisan group sent a letter, signed by 82 House Democrats and Republicans to President Bush urging the sale of weapons to Taiwan. We strongly support and recommend you recognize the legitimate need for Taiwan to acquire the Aegis destroyers, and that you give full consideration to the release of this system to Taiwan this year. CHINA 'LOST FACE' BADLY when XU DEFECTED to the United States December, 2000 Chinese Senior Colonel Xu Junping came to the US. Colleagues waited to meet him at New York's Kennedy airport, but Xu never showed up. After 3 days, Xu contacted the US government for asylum. This Chinese military officer's defection hit the headlines at a particularly delicate moment in US- China relations, when China's Vice-Premier Qian Qichen, was visiting Washington. MY COMMENTARY Unofficial WHAT is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA DOING? It is my personal opinion we have warships in the area, at least one aircraft carrier, at least two submarines with more on the way. I suspect our sub USS CHICAGO's unscheduled stop in Japan which caused a problem with Japan, was there because of China's act of WAR, to pick up Navy SEALS to head to south China to rescue our 24 hostages / POW's. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES * Should Olympics be held in such an insane, lying country! * Should the world consider trusting such an unstable regime! JUST BECAUSE NEWS MEDIA DOES NOT TELL US MUCH, DOES NOT MEAN OUR PRESIDENT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! Crew freed at 7:30 pm April 11, 2001 CHINA OWES US the STINKING APOLOGY for PIRATING OUR PLANE & CREW! AND RUSSIA is ALSO OUR ENEMY, WHO PLANS TO ATTACK US SOME PROPHETS SAY THIS YEAR - 2005!
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