February 12 - 16, 2010 ZionsCRY ZionsCRY ARCHIVE of prophecies and past issues: I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8
Afghanistan Operation Moshtarak Operation Moshtarak meaning together - combined forces are serving alongside one another. BATTLEFIELD MIRACLE - U.S. Marine Walks Away Feb 16 Lance Cpl. Andrew Koenig was shot in the head, the bullet bounced off him, in one of those rare battlefield miracles. A Taliban sniper hit Koenig dead on in the front of his helmet, and he walked away from it with a smile on his face. The company had landed by helicopter in the predawn dark. Miracle, US Marine Walks Away, fox: Feb 14-15 Talibombs bombs planted in far greater numbers than NATO had anticipated. (DUH!) Taliban Sniper Teams Attack U.S., Afghan Troops. PRAY for our boys safety!! Taliban Fight Marines in Marjah, Afghan assault finds resistance. (DUH!) Troops advance carefully, clearing countless bombs, gun battles reported and many buildings have been booby-trapped by Taliban. NATO aims to add to Afghan gains, BBC: Afghan assault finds resistance, CNN: Taliban Fight Marines in Marjah, fox: Taliban bombs slow push, Feb 15: Feb 13 Suicide bomber hits Nato convoy west of Kandahar. 3 American service members have been killed by a bomb in southern Afghanistan. 15,000 Afghan, U.S. Marines and intl troops from the US, UK, Canada and Afghanistan push into Helmand province of Afghanistan. NATO troops enter Marjah where Taliban had set up a shadow government. As 200 U.S. Marines moved to increase foothold in Marjah, Taliban fired guns and rocket-propelled grenades at them. In another part of town, soldiers were in a fierce gunbattle. 5 Taliban were killed and 8 arrested. Taliban are still holding out in Marjah. Taliban Sniper Teams Attack U.S., Afghan Troops, fox: NATO enters Taliban town, cnn: Lebanon opens fire on Israeli warplanes Feb 14 Lebanon opened fire on 4 Israeli warplanes that flew into Lebanese airspace in southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley in the central Lebanon. Israeli warplanes frequently fly over Lebanese airspace on reconnaissance missions. Israeli officials have said that if Hezbollah installs advanced anti-aircraft batteries in Lebanon, the Israel Air Force will have to alter its overflights of Lebanon significantly. Lebanon fired on Israeli jets, ynet: Lebanese troops open fire on Israeli warplanes, jpost: Lebanon troops fire at 4 Israeli warplanes, haartez: Will Israel Hit Iran?. I FEEL AS IF I AM WATCHING a SCRIPT. Weekends are slow news, good time to act. Iran said they have the capability to enrich uranium to 80%, the level needed to create an atomic bomb. I believe Iran has been baiting Isarel to attack them, to give excuse for all Islamic nations to attack Israel. Israel will hit Iran in next 48 hours was a FALSE report. Persia (Iran) is Islamic but not Arab. AO is updated today WAR YELLOW ALERT, AO updated Feb 14: WAR DRUMS, my war digest 2 pages: A New War Is Coming, Boldea: Zechariah 12, 13 and 14: The Truth Is! Feb 13 YIKES! Jerry Golden has an excellent report from Jerusalem which I edited. All hell is about to break loose. Our enemy is Time. The longer the wait, the stronger the enemy becomes to attack Israel. The longer Israel waits to attack Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas the more likely it is that we will have to take on others such as Egypt, and consequently more Jews will die in Israeli cities. If the freedom loving citizens of the USA don't rise up against Obama's destruction of the Constitution, they will soon lose their liberties. Time is not on their side, the enemy has diabolically been planning the destruction of the Jews as well as the United States. There are smoke screens everywhere and its often hard to see through the haze generated by the controlled media to see any truth. IRAN pronounced themselves to be a nuclear power. Syria has tipped many of their missiles with chemical warheads. Lebanon said they will back Hellzballah attacking Israel, opening the door for Israel to take out their infrastructure. The Israel Air Force finds itself in a difficult situation. Obama refuses to give the IAF the necessary codes for an over-fly of Iraq in order to reach Iran in the shortest amount of time. Israel has moved her submarines and warships within range of Iran. If Israel doesnt do something not only will they be destroyed, but also the USA and most of Europe. Golden Report: IDF thwarts Gaza border attack Feb 12 Golani Brigade troops open fire on Palestinian terrorists attempting to plant bombs along the Gaza security fence, part of a growing phenomenon. The cowardly terrorists fled. Gaza Hamas terrorists are increasingly targeting IDF forces operating along the border. Therefore Israel has to deal with them to defend herself. IDF thwarts Gaza border attack, ynet: IRAN SITUATION Israel can hit Iran without U.S. OK. A nuclear Tehran with the present regime is a threat to survival. Attack on Iran could have unintended consequences. Hellary Clinton says Iran is moving toward military dictatorship. TV Interview with former UN Ambassador John Bolton on situation in mideast. Read Psalm 83 - is this for our time - now? IRAN SITUATION, JOHN BOLTON: Attack on Iran could have unintended consequences, ynet: Iran moving toward military dictatorship, ynet: Israel can hit Iran without US OK: Next war will span entire Mideast Feb 12 Khalad Mashaal, exiled Hamas terrorist leader in Damascus said, If war breaks out with Israel, it will not only damage Gaza, but the entire region, the fighting will not be limited to Gaza. BE CAREFUL what you believe!! WAR is so close right now, the talk (chatter) so intense, that a FLOOD of LIES is spewing forth. PAY ATTENTION to who says what. If someone uses the word 'Zionist' they are probably lying. Iran seeks to bait Israel to attack first, and the Muslim cowards are hyping up their courage to attack Israel. I have begun a WAR DIGEST in my forum. Sometimes I post what the enemy is saying and precede it with - this is a FALSE REPORT. I have contacts in Israel I check with. Israel IS NOT evacuating her peoples, but that false report is widespread. Next war will span entire Mideast, ynet: Next war with Israel will be regional, Jpost: WAR DRUMS, my war digest: Obama Should Support Iran Protesters Feb 12 Barack Obama should be more vocal in supporting the dissidents fighting the radical Islamic government in Iran! The leader of the free world should never remain silent when people are seeking freedom the way they are in Iran. Reza Pahlavi, age 50, whose father, the shah of Iran, was toppled from power 31 years ago, said the international community must step up its support for Iran's opposition movement and stop focusing on the nuclear program. Pahlavi said nations such as the US should not even bother with a new round of sanctions. Instead, he suggested the kind of encouragement that should include dialogue with the Iranian opposition, which has managed to keep up periodic street protests since June 2009 - despite a fierce crackdown. by Iran leadership. He also said the opposition needs outside technological support to beat govt eavesdropping and Internet crackdowns, and stay connected with the outside world. Shah's son urges help for protesters, Jpost: Obama Should Support Iran Dissidents, NewsMax: The 2010 Winter Olympics Games on NBC, February 12 - 28, 2010 in Vancouver BC Chinese married couple Shen and Zhao, ages 31 and 36, take GOLD with a mesmerizing performance in pairs ice skating. I had tears in my eyes! Theirs was the best skate performance since Torvil and Dean did their 'leap of faith' gold to Unchained Melody. Shen and Zhao showed the kids how it ought to be done! China skaters take gold: USA gets a medal: Olympic Luger Dies After Crash, fox: OLYMPIC RECAP, nbc: Declining U.S. Navy facing Chinese challenge Feb 14 The USA is giving up superpower status. A growing Chinese fleet could keep the declining U.S. Navy out of the Western Pacific, and a growing Chinese navy presents the U.S. with new military challenges. Yet, the U.S. Navy has cut back on our ships, we have not been as small since Taft. Afghanistan and Iraq wars have sucked the oxygen out of any effort to understand the connection between the large changes strategic planners see in the future or the ability to wield global influence through U.S. naval power. Declining U.S. Navy facing Chinese challenge, G2: CHINA tells Obama NOT to meet Dalai Lama Feb 12 China urged the United States to cancel a planned meeting between Barack Hussein Obama and the Tibetan Dalai Lama. They will meet at the White House on February 18. China said that such a meeting would seriously undermine relations with the United States. Its an issue of high sensitivity, and 0bama insults China. I believe it is foolish to take this lightly. The U.S.A. is used to giving the world orders. Are we now taking orders from China? China owns us, rightfully, in a debt the U.S.A. cannot possibly pay thanks to demoncrats in Congress and Jimmy Carter when he was presidunt. The U.S. govt has cheated China, Bill Clinton committed treason selling our technology to China, he sold Panama to China. 0bama has done us no favors during 2009 either. 0bama carries a little Budda in his pocket for 'good luck.' China said dont meet Dalai Lama, BBC: Is CHINA buying CITI or vice versa? Foreign Investors Buy Collapsed Chinese Stocks, or China buys US Banks??? I put this in ZionsCRY yesterday but didnt know what to make of it, so added it today. China to buy into CITI BANK: Collapse of the EURO inevitable Feb 14 Bailing out the Greek economy futile. The Euro is facing an inevitable break-up. Any bailout of the Greek economy would only provide a temporary solution to the deep- seated flaws in the eurozone bloc. The euro slipped further on the currency markets and dire growth figures raised the prospect of a double-dip recession. Collapse of euro inevitable, UK: Bank of America Going Bankrupt? Feb 10 New York state officials sued Bank of America and its former top executives alleging fraud and deception to obtain billions in taxpayer bailout funds to acquire brokerage Merrill Lynch. Bank of America is expected to go into bankruptcy this year. The nation's 3rd largest bank has been earmarked as a storehouse for toxic waste to be flushed down the bankruptcy toilet. From an attorney Bank of America Going Bankrupt?: Banks face up to $300 billion in commercial loan failures, threatening 100s of banks, U.S. Congressional panel reports Greece, Spain, Portugal could see riots over failed economy So might California, New York, Michigan, Illinois GREECE . . . coming to AmeriKa? GREECE - NWO TEST NATION Merkel dashes Greek hopes of rescue Feb 12 German chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to rescue Greece's ailing economy amid Berlin's own troubles. Merkel mounted stiff resistance to any bailout of Greece, as a rift opened up between European capitals over how best to tackle the risks posed to the euro. Hopes on the markets of a German-led rescue were dashed when Merkel emphasised that Athens would need to put its own house in order. A blogger in Greece said they are a globalist test ground I suggest you read this. Its coming to AmeriKa ... fast. Read Revelation 12 and 13 and 14 Merkel dashes Greek hopes of rescue, UK: Greece turns on EU critics, ft: This is the END blog FYI: Greece is NWO Test Ground: Fatal Belgian train crash Feb 16 Eurostar services between the UK and Brussels have been suspended for a second day after two commuter trains crashed in Belgium, killing 18 people. (How many killed keeps changing.) The head-on collision injured 150 others, 55 seriously. French Thalys services to France, Germany and the Netherlands have also been affected. Eurostar to Paris remain unaffected. One of the drivers of the two trains survived with serious injuries. An investigation has been launched into the rush-hour train collision which happened just outside Brussels. The cause of the crash is unknown, but the governor said one of the trains seemed to have missed a stop signal. Feb 15 Several people killed in a head-on collision between two trains outside Brussels, Belgium. One train apparently did not heed a stop light. Eurostar services to and from Brussels cancelled until further notice. Belgian media said the trains collided at rush hour in snowy conditions. The lead carriages of each train pushed up into the air, considerable damage to the overhead power lines at the station. Railway services including the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels have been blocked. Belgian train crash, BBC: Belgian train crash, NBC: 25 dead, AP: Belgian train crash Feb 16, BBC: Twitter headlines Feb 14-15 A man walked into New Gethsemane Church in Christ in the San Francisco Bay area and opened fire during a Sunday service, wounding two teenagers. Two other men were with him. Fire in kills 4 children in Flint, Michigan 2 dead, others missing after 3 buildings catch fire in Chicago Police officer shot and killed in Atlanta suburb Chatahoochee Hills The roof of a skating rink partially collapsed about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh PA Saudi Arabia wall collapse A family of six died when the wall of a soccer stadium collapsed onto their home in heavy rain in Mecca Martial Law in America: No Longer Just a Possibility: 5 Dead in New Jersey Plane Crash Feb 15 A small plane broke apart and crashed while trying to land at an airport in central New Jersey. 3 men and 2 children were killed. 5 Dead in New Jersey Plane Crash, fox: 2 Shot Dead in Oregon Feb 13 Gunfire killed 2 people and wounded 2 others in a restaurant in Gresham, Oregon. Officers found 4r people with gunshot wounds, 2 were pronounced dead at the scene. One body lay covered with a white sheet in a parking lot, the other body remained inside the lounge. Witnesses heard a shot and saw a blond woman drop to the pavement. Then a man ran back into the lounge, and they heard two more shots. Several witnesses said they believed that the shooter was still at large. 2 dead, Oregonian local: 3 Shot Dead at Alabama University Feb 12 At least 3 people were shot to death, 3 wounded Friday at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. Biology professor Amy Bishop was arrested and charged with one count of capital (death penalty) murder. She opened fire during a faculty meeting, killing 3 fellow biology professors and injuring 3 others. They were discussing Bishop's tenure status when she got angry and started shooting when she learned she wouldnt get tenure. One witness said Bishop could not deal with the reality that she was not as good as she thought she was. 3 Dead in Shooting at University of Alabama: 3 shot to death in Alabama, nbc: SHOOTING, CNN: Yellowstone Caldera February 14, 2010 The recent earthquake swarms at Yellowstone's Super Volcano are the longest spate of these swarms to hit Yellowstone in recent memory. The USGS is downplaying these earthquake swarms as normal. In my opinion, there is something different about the current activity at Yellowstone. Most of the current activity is centered in a very tightly constrained area. When magma rises, the subsequent heating and breaking of rock causes earthquake swarms. Over the past century, this particular area at Yellowstone has experienced a substantial amount of uplift. The ground is bulging upward and Yellowstone appears to be active. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a minor eruption. These earthquake swarms began at a depth of 10 kilometers, and lately they are much closer to the surface. Yellowstone does present a clear and present danger to the United States and the global community, and whether or not an eruption, major or minor, will occur in the foreseeable future is nothing more than a matter of speculation. Yellowstone Caldera, AO: Yellowstone Eruption Days Away? Feb 5 Zionscry, scroll down: Climber found dead in Mount St Helens crater Feb 16 BODY RECOVERED of climber. A U.S. Naval helicopter lifted the body from the south crater wall. Feb 15 A climber fell 1500 feet into the crater of Mount St. Helens. He was about 5 feet from the edge of the volcano when it gave way. A helicopter located him near the bottom of the crater. Rescue teams tried to rescue the man, but winds are very turbulent inside the crater. A medic had reached the crater floor, but had to abandon efforts to find the man because the high winds were dislodging rocks. Climber falls into Mount St. Helens crater, king: Rescuers on Mount St. Helens, oregon: Climber found dead in Mount St. Helens crater, cnn: EARTHQUAKES Feb 11 5.9 TONGA Feb 11 6.6 Bali, Indonesia Feb 11 4.6 W. Iran - An earthquake and a nuclear blast look different on a seismograph Feb 11 5.5 Crete Feb 12 5.1 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Feb 12 5.8 Argentina Feb 13 6.4 TONGA Feb 13 5.1 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Feb 13 4.1 earthquake Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA Feb 15 5.4 Philippines Feb 15 6.3 quake Banda Sea, Pacific Feb 15 6.2 Indonesia Deep South Snowstorm Feb 12 Snowstorm Cancels Hundreds of Flights, Some Schools in the Deep South. A snowstorm and wintry mix across the Deep South cancelled schools. The storm will push across the Gulf of Mexico today, spreading snow and mix along the I-20 corridor in the South, across Alabama and into Tallahassee FL today, then to Georgia and the Carolinas into Saturday. Motorists will encounter dangerous roadway conditions along I-40, I-85, and I-95. Snowstorm in the Deep South, acc: Testimony after Washington DC Blizzards: Weather causes Kansas accident Feb 15 KANSAS CITY Unbelievable accident pileup in Kansas! Several people had to be rescued from their cars as dozens of vehicles piled up on an interstate highway in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Visibility dropped to near zero amid icy conditions in snow. One pileup on Interstate 35 sent 13 people to the hospital, 20 cars were involved. Another pileup along Interstate 435 involved 40 vehicles. Multiple accidents also were reported along Interstate 70. Weather causes accident : Kansas City Highways Back Open, KWCH: Bayh Bayh Washington WITH WHAT DID 0BAMA THREATEN DEM SENATORS BEHIND LOCKED DOORS? I WANT TO KNOW! Feb 15 Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will not seek re-election this November, stunning many including dirty Harry Reid. There is no love lost between him and Congress, partisan gridlock made his job less gratifying. He loves working for the people of Indiana, BUT he do not love Congress. Bayh was called a moderate Democrat, BUT he also voted for 0bamacare after a session behind doors locked to keep out the republican half of congress, and all media. Bayh Quits, fox: Flight Fight This is just too funny! Remember, Romney is a Mormon with magic underwear. LOL! Romney was not hurt. A passenger became physically violent when Romney asked him to move his seat upright for take-off. Romney Assaulted on Flight : 0bama Executive power grab Dicktator Barack KingHussein Obama sees Democrats fleeing Congress and he is making plans to misuse presidential executive authority, violate the U.S. Constitution yet again and legislate from the White House. Obama plans to misuse his executive power to advance Evil - energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities. Rahm Emanuel will use presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done. The U.S. Constitution be damned. 0bama Executive power grab: POLICE CHIEFS ARE RESIGNING A non-Christian man I trust told me this is NOT unusual at all, so YOU decide if it has significance. The start of the economic final crash may be less than 30 days ahead, and police chiefs dont want to be responsible for the bloodshed they know its coming when social chaos breaks loose. A total of 70 police chiefs across AmeriKa resign without a reason - listed here. Does this mean martial law? Some major cities had Police Chief turnover in 2009 - Seattle,Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas. Police chiefs resigning: The Next Deception - ALIENS An alien landing is expected, supposedly by both 0bama and the pope. They will land with the announcement that they seeded mankind on earth - not a Creator. This will eliminate GOD and delight atheists. It will fool Muslims and most of today's biblically ignorant christians and Jews. It will separate the sheep and the goats. Obviously their claim will be false. However, I expect both 0bama and the pope to say its true. These aliens will be demons. They will claim they seeded earth with humans. They will deny GOD. Demons are all subject to our authority, command in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Do not fear or be fooled if this occurs. Do not consider this crazy or absurd. Earth has given itself over to sin, and demons are real, and CAN appear in human form. They did before the flood of Noah. Read Genesis 6 - the 'sons of GOD' are the fallen angels we call demons. The Hebrew word in Gen 6:4 is nephilim - fallen ones.
They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved, Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false, the lie. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 amplified bible