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Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy April 20, 2010 - Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris said that it was Clinton himself who called the shots during the 1993 botched invasion that led to the death of 76 people. The whitewashed history that former President Bill Clinton would like us to believe regarding the 1993 federal assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, is missing important details regarding his own personal involvement. Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated Waco:
2005: RESULTS of WACO And other attacks on the US Constitution I wont mention Ruby Ridge or Wounded Knee, which were so unjust! THINK! In your America, could an innocent boy - Elian Gonzales have been snatched from his Florida home by Reno's Raiders, and sent back to Communist Cuba? Could Waco have happened, where the FBI agents set fire to SDA Christians living lawfully in Texas, burning them all to death? Could an innocent helpless fully aware woman Terri Schiavo - have been cruelly starved to death on the order of evil Federal Judge Greer? She was NOT brain dead. This Federal act of one judge has loosed a spirit of Death on Amerikka. Kids are killing kids. Kids are killing parents. Parents are killing kids. June, 2005 We are now the United States of Islam and dont know it. Muslims are pouring across our borders from all sides and we do nothing to stop them. Instead our govt wrongly calls those who DO stop them 'vigilantes'. THE REASON IS - OUR GOVT IS GLOBALIST NO BORDERS - NO GOD .. and I say ... NO WAY! California Mosque Fire Investigated as Hate Crime (Foxnews.com). Has anyone seen Christians or Churches attacked investigated as a hate crime? NO. We are now the enemy. To the govt, we are all now political dissidents. Whether you call the US Nazi, Communist or Islamic, we are NO LONGER AMERICA! That is NOT 'coming' It's been, its past tense, it already happened. Soon the following will be interpreted as all who wont take the mark of the Beast. Revelation chapter 13 June, 2005 - This is scary! CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lee Baca is trying to push the California State Legislature to adopt a law that would require the registration and publication of the names of political dissidents, in a manner similar to sex offenders. It would order the arrest of people who hold "white-nationalist" political views, everything from "neo-Nazi" to anti-immigrant conservatives, for the purpose of photographing and fingerprinting them, and placing their personal information on a publicly accessible list of "hate criminals" that would mirror California's existing sex-offender database. (June, 2005) Much of the Waco information once available on the web has "disappeared". A few pages I tried to find linking Clark to Waco were no longer there. There is so much govt censorship. It is hard to find a well balanced website, because most go too far to defend govt and others go to far to attack ALL govt. I am putting this page up so you can surf around the links and make your own decision. The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas was engulfed in flames on April 20, 1993. Federal agents ILLEGALLY fired on the Branch Davidian compound. It all started with a raid by 70 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in February, 1993. Branch Davidians were known to have LEGAL weapons. The stand-off ended on the morning of April 19th. Using a tank, the FBI moved in, shooting tear gas into the compound. Shortly after noon, the building was engulfed in flames. A filmaker named Michael McNulty came upon evidence, a shell casing from a tear gas round that could start a fire. A device the FBI had denied using, both publicly and to Congress. Many believe that David Koresh or the Branch Davidians were responsible for the deaths of the men, women and children who died. That is a lie. The guns they had were LEGAL. The local sheriff investigated and found no basis for complaints against them. These were law-abiding American citizens. They trusted the U.S. Constitution to ensure their political rights, but they were murdered by agents of the U.S. government. Waco occurred under the presidency of Bill Clinton, with Janet 'THE INEPT' Reno and Wesley 'THE HOPELESS' Clark in supporting roles. The FBI years later reversed its position that it never used munitions capable of sparking the Waco blaze. The acknowledgment that FBI agents fired incendiary tear gas cartridges on the final day of the 51-day siege contradicts congressional testimony from high-ranking Justice Department officials, such as inept AG Janet Reno, who said that the tear gas used against the Davidians "could not have caused a fire." Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh have ordered "a full review of the facts and circumstances" surrounding the use of military gas canisters on that day, and appointed senator John Danforth to head an independent inquiry into the matter. The Delta Force Was at WACO Did Clark hone his civilian-killing skills at Waco? Linking Clark to Waco Wesley Clark may have played a big role in the fiery 1993 destruction of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Insight Magazine claims that Clark was a senior Army commander at nearby Fort Hood during the Waco operation and had to have been involved in planning for the final assault, which involved the use of military hardware, including Army tanks. The only official document to surface linking Clark to Waco is a declassified Pentagon report that identifies Army brass who provided "training, equipment and material" to law- enforcement agencies for the operation. Among them: the commanding general of the 1st Cavalry Division, General Clark. Clark's outfit was ordered to supply some equipment to the FBI. Newsweek Oct. 27, 2003 issue Amid NATO military commander Wesley Clark's onslaught on the civilians of Serbia the question arose: Did Clark hone his civilian-killing skills at Waco, where the FBI oversaw the largest single slaughter of civilians when Branch Davidians died amid an assault by tanks, flame-throwers and snipers. The tanks were from Fort Hood, where Wesley Clark was commander of the Cavalry Division of the US Army's III Corps in early 1993. Texas governor Anne Richards had consulted with Clark's number two at Fort Hood. Then, on April 14, there was a summit at the Justice Department in Washington, where AG Janet Reno, top Justice Dept and FBI officials and two unnamed senior Army officers reviewed the final assault plan scheduled for April 19. The Waco Davidian Standoff David Koresh claimed he was the "Lamb of God" a title belonging to Jesus Christ ONLY. Jesus Christ gave up His life for His own, unlike Koresh. Koresh ruled 6 years over the Davidian sect. David Koresh was a man many described as a psychopath. Koresh claimed American forces would soon begin Armageddon. After those predictions failed, he changed his name to David Koresh, a prophetic role, and he proclaimed the final conflict would now begin in Texas. Mt. Carmel Burning Koresh refused to leave the enclosure often called "Ranch Apocalypse." The FBI assumed control of the perimeter and conducted negotiations. David Koresh repeatedly broke his promises to come out peacefully. A frustrated and exhausted FBI subsequently attempted to end the standoff by gassing the compound. Koresh facing criminal prosecution, opted to end not only of his own life, but that of his followers as well. Waco: The Rules of Engagement Frequently Asked Questions The 1997 Academy Award-nominated documentary on the February 28th, 1993 government tax raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on Rev. David Koresh's Branch Davidians Film Shows FBI Fired on Davidians Film reveals the smoking gun of Waco. 'The FLIR Project' zeroes in on the core question of Waco. It depicts scientists' tests that show the FBI did fire on the trapped church members as the 80 men, women and children died in the burning building in Mount Carmel, Texas. McNulty, a Vietnam veteran and investigative journalist, began as a skeptic when he started investigating the tragedy. But his findings resulted in two documentary features. The core question of the Waco holocaust has always been, 'Did the FBI fire upon the Branch Davidians as they sought to escape the burning building on April the 19th?' The conclusions were based on flawed results. The special counsel's team, out of ignorance or deceit. General Wesley 'Hopeless' Clark at Waco Take the time to examine the evidence. There is substantial evidence that Clark, in addition to acting as a tactical consultant, may have been the prime architect and commander of the entire operation. That represents a clear violation of US law. The military is banned from involvement in the enforcement of US civil law except under certain carefully defined circumstances. The incident at Waco did not come even close to legally qualifying. Second, it casts light on some of the more outrageous tactics used in the war against Yugoslavia, in particular the bombing attacks on Yugoslavian news media, essential life support services, and on civilians, the latter which were sometimes, but not always, described as "accidents." Third, President Clinton began the year with the statement that he is considering a Pentagon proposal to create a new US military command, commander-in-chief for the defense of the continental U.S., a first in peace time and an alarming move! Survivor Remembers Davidian Standoff April 19, 1993 - Flames 75 feet high roared through the rickety, wooden Branch Davidian compound on the Double E Ranch Road just east of Waco. Among those who died with cult leader David Koresh were Sheila's husband, David, and four of the family's six children. Just when Sheila Martin thinks she can forget, an anniversary jerks her back to the day her husband and 4 children died during the inferno that ended the Branch Davidian standoff. Martin and two of her children survived the fire. The FBI armored assault on the Branch Davidian compound remains one of the most controversial events of recent American history. Timothy McVeigh cited the Mount Carmel assault, which ended a 51-day standoff with federal authorities, as the reason he bombed the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City two years to the day later, killing 168 people. Many survivors of the Branch Davidian drama haven't lost their faith in Koresh. "We're waiting for David to come back and hoping that he will come back very soon," Catherine Matteson said confidently. "He's going to be resurrected, and when he is, you're going to really see things pop." (Insanity has never been a reason to execute in the USA.) Matteson was briefly jailed after leaving the compound during the standoff. The remaining Branch Davidians have a brief memorial service every year on April 19 near the Mount Carmel site, which federal agents quickly bulldozed after the fire. Survivor Remembers April 20, 2001

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