July 22, 2014 ZionsCRY Israel Gaza war, MH17 plane, ebola, plague, LBGT, US border, July 16 - 18: ZionsCRY ARCHIVE of past issues: Everything happening at once, Prophetic word:
IAF struck Sudan weapons pile July 21 IAF struck Sudan weapons stockpile headed for Hamas in Gaza. IAF has hit Sudan in the past. Iran ships dump weapons for Gaza in Sudan port. Israel recently blew up a weapons cache in Sudan that was destined for Hamas in Gaza. Sudan imposed a total blackout on the incident. A warehouse of weapons at a military base north of Khartoum occurred just hours after Israel accused Sudan of providing long-range rockets to Hamas. Israel aimed to disrupt weapon-smuggling into the Gaza Strip and to Hamas. Sudan received an Iran offer for anti-aircraft defense systems to deal with Israeli attacks. Sudan President Omar met with Hamas terror chief Khaled Mashal early July 2014 in Sudan. Israeli special ops team hit Iran-Hamas arms smugglers in Sudan April 2011. Iran and Sudan have a pact. IAF struck Sudan weapons pile, Ynetnews: Sudan, Africa:
Do not be afraid or discouraged. Be strong and courageous. Joshua 10:25
Gaza ground op July 22, 2014 Tuesday PRAY for the IDF, and the Peace of Jerusalem, Israel Israel - Dont let Evil Obama or John Kerry stop you! If you clicks links, the IDF shows pictures of weaponry and videos of operation. Missiles from Gaza still falling on Israel During July, Hamas has fired over 2040 missiles at Israel. Cease fire talk is phony, all Hamas does is use IDF lull to attack Israel thru tunnels, and there is always the DANGER of ambulances hauling Hamas into Israel to attack. 25 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza since midnight. As long as missiles keep falling, Hamasses wins the WAR. Paratroopers killed Tuesday morning in a firefight with terrorists in Gaza IDF did NOT attack Al Jazeera or other press offices in Gaza. Hamas prevented press people from leaving Gaza July 22 debka.com headlines Iran Built Hamas War Room Deep under Gaza City Center A ground force needs superior intelligence and electronic capacity to overwhelm this fortified bunker. A Commando Raid Disrupted by Intelligence Shortfall Iran Still Restocking Hamas Rocket Stores through Sinai Ashdod school hit by Hamas rocket Israeli forces are fighting hard to win their first battle against Hamas, a savage and tenacious enemy The battle for Shejaiya Hamas stronghold under Gaza City is still unresolved. Missiles can still fall on Israel uabated, which has stiffened Hamas resistance to any ceasefire proposals. Jordan smuggling arms via Dead Sea A boat smuggling arms and drugs from Jordan for Palestinian terrorists was intercepted on the Dead Sea by IDF. The Dead Sea is between Israel and Jordan, often used for smuggling. Jordan smuggling arms via Dead Sea, debka: Terrorists in Ambulance Getaway Gaza terrorists escape in ambulance. IAF video proves terrorists are using ambulances for a getaway after a terror attack. Hamas terrorists leaving a home, boarding an ambulance and speeding off. They want civilians to die but they run hide. Ambulance escape: Terrorists move around in ambulances This is fact. They have done this for many years. Hamas embeds itself in the midst of the Palestinian civilian population and using it as human shields. Hamas terrorists spotted boarding Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances in Gaza filled with children. INHUMAN! HAMAS WAR CRIME! Hamas urged Gazans to remain in their homes, and provide protection for Hamas from the IDF. Terrorists move around in ambulances, jp: IDF soldier missing in Gaza The IDF has identified 6 of 7 bodies of IDF soldiers killed Sunday on the Gaza border. IDF names missing soldier as Oron Shaul, asserts he was killed, body not recovered. Vehicle they were in destroyed in explosion. The family of the soldier who is missing in Gaza said they are holding out hope that he remains alive. Hamas claims the soldier was seized in heavy fighting on the Gaza border. US and UN desparate to save Hamas - WHY!? Evil Kerry and Ban arrive in Jerusalem July 22. With the Ban-Kerry devils favoring Hamas there is no hope of a ceasefire. Saudis are on the side of Egypt-Israel. The IDF needs more time to complete its missions to destroy the dangerous Hamas tunnel threat. Kerry and Ban are trying to save Hamas from defeat. The US and UN are pulling one way, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the other. Kerry-Obama-UN want a ceasefire than ends the fighting and can stop the death of innocent civilians. Hamas is SOLELY guilty of civilian deaths in Gaza. UN Ban said the violence must stop now unconditionally. What a fool. The fool Kerry supports Hamasses absurd terms for a ceasefire. After hearing the Ban-Kerry comments of support for terrorism, Hamas terror chief Meshaal called off his statement. He saw no need to push any further to win the support of the UN and US officials. They were already on his side against Israel. US and UN desparate to save Hamas, debka: Why Israel attacked Shejaiya Israel had very clearly warned the residents of Shejaiya to evacuate days before the assault. The high civilian death toll is part of Hamasses barbaric plan. Sunday bloody fighting that left 13 Israeli soldiers dead in Shejaiya Gaza. Israeli PM Netanyahu explained that the assault on Shejaiya was absolutely necessary, given that the neighborhood had been used to launch missile attacks on Israel and houses a sizable arsenal. Shejaiya is a vast Hamas stronghold, with a huge network of terror tunnels used to store missiles and infiltrate southern Israel. Why Israel Attacked Population, it: GOD changes missiles paths mid-air! Hamas complains the Israeli GOD changes the missiles paths in mid-air! WOO HOO GOD! Headlines in Israel claim miracles are protecting the Jews during the Gaza Strip ground war, with one headline proclaiming that Hamas terrorists are complaining about God changing the direction of rockets in mid-air. But of course! The true GOD is YHVH, the GOD of the Jews! Satan is the god of Hamas, and Jehovah is Greater! The Hamasses have become frustrated with Israeli miracles. A Hamas terrorist was asked why they couldnt aim their rockets more effectively. He replied, We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air! AMEN! Jehovah Nissi - God is my Protector Jehovah Nissi - God is my banner, flag, Protector. God is still - GOD! I have heard the testimonies of miracles by missionaries and other Christians. God tells them STOP as they drive, and barely miss death, missiles have literally changed in mid air, bullets fired at close range, point blank, veer away, one single home spared tornado, earthquake, wildfire - so many other testimonies. Daniel and lions, 3 (4) men in furnace - God is still - GOD! Nisi literally means shiny. Maybe like the Shekina Glory. God declares WAR on any nation that declares war on Israel. You best pay attention because Barak Hussein Obama is at war with Israel. Genesis 12:3 GOD changes the missiles paths in mid air, original: GOD changes the missiles paths in mid air, forum: Jehovah Nissi: IDF unimaginable restraint July 22 IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for unimaginable restraint! Ron Dermer, ambassador to the US said Israeli soldiers are dying so that innocent Palestinians can live. Israeli army should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for its unimaginable restraint in Gaza. Dermer accused the United Nations of aiding Hamas in its war against Israel. FACT. NO one should critice Israel for acting with restraint that would not be shown by any nation on earth! Israel has lost 27 soldiers in its effort to end rocket fire from terrorists in Gaza, thwart Hamas attack tunnels and restore calm to Israel. IDF unimaginable restraint: LIVE BLOG - Jerusalem Post EXECUTIONS of MURDERERS is JUSTICE Israel attacked from all sides but Jordan. WHY does Israel delay ground op in Gaza?!! They may know once they begin, rockets will fly on Israel from Lebanon, Syria and Sinai. This has already begun. Hamas may have by plan been stage 1 in all-Arab nation war on Israel. LIVE BLOG - Jerusalem Post: Israel WAR NEWS, forum page 73: Israel WAR NEWS, forum page 72: Israel WAR NEWS, forum page 71: MAP of Israel Hamas can reach: Israels end time wars: The real Gaza: If there is quiet in Israel there will be quiet in Gaza. Israel agreed to a ceasefire 3 times. Hamas rejected it. A full-scale invasion looms Hamas is drawing Israel ever deeper into Gaza. Wording sounds like a trap. Two weeks into this conflict, and Hamas missiles are still being fired at Israel. Example of photoshopping: Very unfair for the U.N. to assist Hamas by allowing it to store missiles in U.N. facilities, cooperate with Hamas terrorists even to providing them missiles! and then tell Israel to stop defending her people! Talk of UN patrolling Gaza. BAD BAD BAD IDEA! Its suicidal for Israel to permit the foxes to guard the henhouse! Lebanon proved that! The Hellzballa flag flew from the UN building! The U.N. gave missiles to Hamas! Protect Gaza-Israel border? I DONT THINK SO! Gaza ground op July 21, 2014 5 am UN Ambassador says there is no kidnapped Israeli soldier, rumors are untrue. * 13 Golani IDF soldiers were killed in Gaza Sunday Staff Sergeant Moshe Malko will be laid to rest at 4 pm Monday in Jerusalem. 15 soldiers were wounded overnight Israeli families learn of death via instant messaging July 21, 9 am Large rocket barrage fired into Israel A serious terror attack has been thwarted when Hamas attempted to enter Israel from Gaza through two tunnels. 10 of the Hamas terrorists were killed. IDF Ground Forces continue to advance on Shejaia area, heavy exchanges of fire with terrorists, IDF killed 10. Tunnels have been found. 3 soldiers were injured in exchanges of fire overnight. IAF continued its air strikes throughout the strip. The IDF arrested 20 terrorists overnight and is questioning several of them. IDF engages terrorists tunneling into Israel Israeli forces engaged Hamas terrorists emerging from two tunnels into southern Israel. 5 Hamas spotted exiting a tunnel near north Gaza fence near a Jewish village. IDF had intelligence on the planned attack, and thwarted it. Another Hamas group emerged from a nearby tunnel exit and ambushed IDF, resulting in IDF injuries. Israeli forces eliminated them before they were able to escape back into the tunnel. Tunnels are a strategic threat to Israeli security. An IAF drone eliminated the squad that went toward Erez. Attempted infiltration into Israel from Gaza by Hamas was foiled, all terrorists killed. Erez crossing is where IDF set up a field hospital for wounded. IDF engages terrorists tunneling into Israel, it: Human shields, Hamas Gaza, it video: IDF achievements better than expected July 21 PM says military campaign will continue until goals are met. The IDF operation in the Gaza Strip is progressing according to plan, and the armys achievements are better than expected, said PM Binyamin Netanyahu. IDF achievements better than expected, jp: IDF may have to reconquer Gaza IDF operation cant be stopped until a demilitarized Gaza is ensured, Israel may have to reconquer Gaza. If we need to, we will take over the whole Gaza Strip. IDF may need to re-conquer all or part of Gaza to ensure Hamas does not continue to attack Israel. IDF must continue until it ensures long-term calm. We cannot stop the operation while it is still unclear whether the Gaza Strip will be demilitarized. Israel cannot live with the threat of terror tunnels. IDF may have to reconquer Gaza: Israel denies Hamas kidnapped soldier July 21 Israeli UN ambassador denied that an Israeli soldier had been abducted by Hamas. The name given by Hamas was very similar to the name of one of the soldiers confirmed killed. Israel denies Hamas kidnapped soldier: 2 American Jews among IDF dead in Gaza combat Max Steinberg, originally of Los Angeles (Golani brigade) Nissim Sean Carmeli from South Padre Island, Texas Gaza ground op July 20, after I posted July 20 The IDF announced on Sunday evening that 13 Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade were killed overnight between Saturday and Sunday. The IDF destroyed 6 terror tunnels in Gaza on Sunday, 3 led to openings near communities in Israel. One contained large quantities of explosives and communication lines. The longest tunnel reached into Israel. PM Binyamin Netanyahu sends condolences to the families of the fallen. Our current operation is to find and destroy Hamas tunnels, and we found tunnels that could reach kindergartens or kibbutz. If we hadnt discovered the tunnels, the results would have been very grave indeed. We have international support in our mission to defend ourselves. Hamas built two systems to attack Israelis: tunnels and rockets. The IDF ground operation is working to destroy Hamas ability to attack Israelis through their tunnel system. Shejaiya is an underworld of terror. Two of the 13 IDF soldiers killed overnight were American citizens. Hamas preventing foreign journalists from leaving Gaza Gaza ground op July 20, 2014 IDF treats injured Palestinians July 20 Sunday noon IDF sets up field hospital at Erez crossing to treat injured Palestinians The IDF announced on Sunday that it was setting up a field hospital at the Erez crossing. The field hospital will begin functioning at 8 p.m. on Sunday and is intended to serve injured Palestinians. The IDF said that it will serve mainly women and children and will include a delivery room. Erez crossing inside Israel on north end of Gaza strip. IDF treats injured Palestinians: OUTRAGE!, UN aids Hamas terrorists! July 20 UN has caused outrage by giving rockets found in UN school to Hamas terrorists! Sadly, this has always been part of UN policy - to aid Muslim terrorists war on Israel. Rather than destroying the rockets, UNRWA called Hamas to come remove them to be used in attacks on Israel. Hamas has openly used their own people as human shields. Hamas gathered civilians to stand on the roof of a senior terrorist’s home in order to deter an IDF strike. HAMAS killed these civilians. The IDF warned civilians to flee but they preferred suicide and were killed. UN aids Hamas terrorists! , inn: PRAY for the IDF. Some are being killed and injured as they protect Israel. The IDF has struck 2,600 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets since the start of Operation, and 500 targets since the start of the ground offensive. 36 tunnel shafts and 14 tunnels have been uncovered, some of which are underground cross-border attack structures. Ground incursion is only way to deal with tunnels. Netanyahu says there is no guarantee of 100 percent success, but that everything was being done to get maximum results. Israel and Hamas call 2-hour ceasefire July 20 Sunday noon Foreign journalists hostages - they have been trying to leave Gaza through the Erez Crossing but they are prevented from doing so by Hamas. Another Hamas war crime. The 2 hour cease-fire which Hamas begged for will go into effect at 1:30 pm to help evacuate and treat wounded in Gaza. Israel and Hamas have both agreed to Red Cross cease-fire. Typical of Hamas, 15 minutes later they shoot another missile into Israel. 2:30 pm Fighting resumed in Shejaia Gaza. Israel worries that a ceasefire would be exploited for a kidnapping or to prepare for other Hamas tactics. The IDF deployed a field hospital at the Erez Crossing to treat Palestinians wounded. Egypt invites Hamas to ceasefire July 20 Hamas closer to ceasefire. I see this as a sign of desparation by Hamas. Hamas terror chief Khaled Mashaal invited to Cairo for cease-fire talks. Hamas doesnt like Egyptian mediators, prefers Turkey-Qatar terrorists to deal. Mashaal openly encouraged escalation. Egypt has isolated Hamas for assisting the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt places all responsibility on Hamas for the deaths of Palestinian civilians. Hamas is cooperating with Qatar and Turkey to harm Egypts status in the region. Hamas is not serious about a ceasefire and is deliberately trying to embarrass Egypt. Abbas and Mashaal are meeting in Qatar Sunday to discuss a cease-fire. Qatar and Turkey are terrorist states which hate Israel. Egypt hates Hamas, son of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Egypt invites Hamas to ceasefire: Hamas undaunted July 20 Thousands of Gazans have fled to seek refuge in UNRWA schools and in hospitals. Hamas lies persuade public opinion. They win the propaganda war. So far the IDF cant shut down the missiles into Israel. Hamas uses advanced Kornet anti-tank missiles, inflicting heavy losses among IDF soldiers. Hamas undaunted: Shejaiya Gaza strike Sunday the IDF cleaned out the Shejaia area, a main terror center in Gaza. Hamas begs for another humanitarian ceasefire after family of Hamas leader killed. BUT Hamas continues missile attacks on Israel during ceasefires. Hamas accepted Red Cross cease-fire, but as usual, broke in in 15 minutes. Over 30 IDF soldiers injured in Sheijaya Sunday, after the IDF shelled Shejaiya east of Gaza City. The strike involved huge forces in tanks and artillery. Since starting the ground phase of the operation on Thursday night, the IDF has killed 130 terrorists and wounded 800. An air strike on Gaza City home of Hamas terrorist Khalil al-Hayya killed his son and other family.. Hamas requests another ceasefire after the shelling, handing the request through the International Red Crescent. Red Crescent is known to aid terrorism by carrying suicide bombers to attack points in Israel in their ambulances. The mass casualties in Shejaia appeared to be the heaviest since July 8. Abbas calls it a massacre. How can US-Israel think Abbas is any different than Hamas? He's NOT. Israeli bulldozers demolish Hamas terror tunnels Israeli soldiers uncovered 34 shafts leading into about a dozen underground tunnels, some 30 meters deep. Hamas still managed to infiltrate Israel from Gaza using another tunnel and killed two Israeli soldiers and injured several others. This is the 2nd time in a week Hamas got into Israel. These tunnels arent for hiding. They are intended for large attacks on Israelis. Demolishing the tunnels is dangerous, passages are booby trapped. Robots go inside to look around. Then tunnels are destroyed. It can take 12 hours to destroy each tunnel. 50,000 Palestinians are staying in United Nations shelters. Some of these are PROBABLY Hamas terrorists. Donkey bomb Hamas sent a donkey laden with explosives on a suicide mission. IDF troops forced to open fire on donkey as it approached Rafah. US wants Abbas ruling Gaza July 20 Mahmoud Abbas is equally as much a terrorist as Hamas! US will work to get Abbas back ruling Gaza after conflict over. US wants Abbas ruling Gaza, toi: Hamas official prefers Israeli Gaza reoccupation STRANGE Cairo-based official says Israeli control of Gaza would mean electricity, water and jobs. Musa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas official, said Saturday that his movement prefers Israeli reoccupation of the Gaza Strip to the blockade. Israeli reoccupation of the Gaza Strip would mean that Israel would have to provide the Palestinians with electricity, water and jobs. Hamas reject that. Abbas supposedly said (do not trust), We cant defeat Israel and we are powerless in front of America. Therefore, there should be a cease-fire and Hamas must accept the Egyptian proposal without amendments. 1949 Geneva Convention Article 28 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV provides- The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations. Under no circumstances shall medical units (ambulance) be used in an attempt to shield military objectives from attack. Article 12(4) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I The presence or movements of the civilian population or individual civilians shall not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations, in particular in attempts to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favour or impede military operations. The Parties to the conflict shall not direct the movement of the civilian population or individual civilians in order to attempt to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield military operations. Article 51(7) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I FACTS Gaza main hospital is above hamas war room, it is above the bunkers and communication center for hamas leaders. Israel uses missiles to defend civilians, Hamas uses civilians to defend missiles. This is clear VIOLATION of Geneva and a WAR CRIME by Hamas. Hamas calls for Human Shields in Gaza, it: There has been a lot of loss and damages to Israeli businesses since the Hamas missiles prompted Operation Protective Edge Hamas war is ultimately with Egypt July 18 Hamas started a fight with Israel to get Cairo to make concessions, especially at the Rafah Border Crossing. Hamas demands in the Cairo talks make it increasingly clear Hamas initiated an escalation with Israel when its target was really Egypt. Hamas needs an end to the blockade on Gaza, Rafah Border Crossing opened, to ensure its own survival. Hamas war is ultimately with Egypt, toi: Whoever touches (Israel) touches the apple of (Gods) eye. Zechariah 2:8 Gaza ground op July 19, 2014 Sabbath 8 Hamas entered Israel and are on the loose. 2 missiles near Dimona - how insane of Hamas to target nuclear plant! Hamas to blame for Palestinian blood. Egypt is smarter than US-EU media! WAR CRIME - Hamas Places Civilians in the Line of Fire Hamas deliberately puts civilian lives in danger and hides weapons and missile launchers in populated areas and sends men, women and children directly into the line of fire to be used as human shields for terrorists. The UN is known to cooperate hiding Hamas weapons in UN schools. Hamas Places Civilians in the Line of Fire: Israel is fighting defensive, not offensive, war in Gaza July 19 The tunnel infiltration by Hamas again proved that an IDF ground operation is a necessity. Iron Dome is defensive, it catches Hamas missiles. The ground operation into Gaza is defensive. Israel cant have Gaza launching missiles and entering Israel thru tunnels to kidnap and kill civilians. Hamas wants to get rid of the Egyptian mediator and bring in Qatar and Erdogan who HATE Israel instead. The damned Obama administration and U.S. State Department threats against Israel ensure Hamas survival. If the world supported Israel survival, the civilians would stop dying. Obama openly supports Hamas (and Iran) Arab Muslim terrorists. Israel is fighting defensive war: IDF targets tunnels July 19 Tunnels targeted used for both smuggling of weapons as well as for combat purposes and sneaking into Israel. IDF targets tunnels: Hamas uses tunnel to enter Israel near Kibbutz Sufa to kill and kidnap Israelis. VIDEO: How exactly does the IDF dismantle Hamas attack tunnels, some 60-feet-deep, over a mile long, with multiple exits. The tunnel threat has eclipsed the missile threat. Some tunnel entrances are in the back yard of a civilian home and even inside. This makes a house a valid target by intl law. Destroying them is much easier than detecting them, but it is still difficult. Hamas uses tunnel to enter Israel near Kibbutz Sufa to kill and kidnap Israelis. VIDEO: Tunnel demolition: Gaza frogmen invade Israel July 19 DSIT sonar and underwater electronic security solutions keep a close eye on Israeli coastline. Hamas has twice dispatched frogman terrorists to attack Israel. The attempts were foiled. DSIT is designed to protect bays, harbors, and ocean-based installations like oil rigs, piers, ports, and energy terminals. DSIT technology is deployed off the Israeli coast. Gaza frogmen invade Israel: WAR on US Border US Border Patrol shot at. Holy Hamas Batman! July 20 Texas - U.S. Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river. The .50-caliber weapons were fired from Reynosa, Mexico. Border Patrol agents have no armor that can stop a .50-caliber round. When the shooting stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side, so clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone. We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants. Gunfire likely came from Mexican drug cartels. Thats WAR! Holy Hamas Batman! WAR on US Border: Illegals, diseases now become WAR: Central America murder rate DROPS July 21 The murder rate in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras has DECLINED since they sent their murderers to USA. Demoncrats say diseased criminal illegals should be granted refugee status and asylum. But violence is not driving the increase in illegals. Central America murder rate DROPS, breitbart: Pacific Northwest wildfires July 21 Nearly a million acres were burning as 21 wildfires raged in the Pacific Northwest on Sunday. The fires in Oregon and Washington mostly ignited by lightning a week ago. Authorities arrested two people on suspicion of arson. Pacific Northwest wildfires, cnn: Western wildfires: When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when the wicked rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2 NEWS, Weather Headlines watch.org - ptv.org - WND.com DONT bother to seek NEWS on radio, paper or the *BC TV channels, its not there. Reiki, Energy Healing, New Age is WITCHCRAFT: Olive tree headlines: PESTILENCE! July 20 Chunky fever in several states across USA, found so far in Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Kentucky. West Nile in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Mama! Chikungunya fever transmitted within the United States. Florida confirmed two locally acquired cases of the viral disease. The disease is spread by being bitten by an infected Aedes mosquito. Chikungunya causes flu-like symptoms and is most likely to cause stronger reactions in the younger and older populations, or who have chronic conditions. The virus traveled from West Africa and India to the Caribbean. This same area now has EBOLA out of control. How long til USA sees EBOLA? Chunky fever, dengue: Microwave Corn on Cob, No Shucking, Silk-Free: July 20 James Rockford Maverick Garner dead at 86: July 20 Massachusetts hot air balloon crashes : July 20 CHINA typhoon kills 18 : July 20 California and Washington state wildfires: July 22 4.7 earthquake NE of Cairo, EGYPT July 22 4.7 earthquake Crete, Greece July 21 6.8 earthquake FIJI July 19 6.0 deep earthquake E of Yemen, SE of Oman, E of Somalia July 19 4.9 earthquake Crete, Greece July 18 4.2 earthquake Suez, Egypt For it is time for Judgment to begin at the household of God, (in church) and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not OBEY the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17 The pope and MH17 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. They perish because they refused to love the TRUTH and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. 2 Thessalonians 2 Pope Francis guilty of rape, murder July 21 Some of this dovetails with things I have heard on the quiet for years. Pope Francis Bergoglio, Jesuit Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. 48 eyewitnesses have come forward to testify about their activities as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. This Satanic Cult did child sacrifices at many Roman Catholic cathedrals worldwide. Teens taken by the mafia, stripped naked, raped, hunted down in games and killed. Pope Francis was a perpetrator in satanic child sacrifice rites an Argentine priest. Jesuits ritually murder newborn babies and then consume their blood. Pope Francis guilty of rape, murder: Pope Francis: WHY did so many events occur July 17th? Could this be involved in the MH17 down in Ukraine? You may wish to check out all the updates I posted on MH17 MH17 Plane down in Ukraine Pray for these people! Dont listen to TV, dont keep up. You will be better off! Dont blame Russia. Reject nothing at this point. Cook all of it on the back burner. This is a jigsaw puzzle, a chess game. 100 scientists, AIDS, Clintons, NWO, Putin. It is entirely possible a bomb aboard this plane brought it down - NOT a ground missile. Ukr-Russians preventing international investigation. The Kiev nazis captured the south-eastern section and surrounded the airport. MH17 pilot diverted INTO the war zone * To save space, I will update only in my forum. I DO NOT blame Putin! China sides with Russia, said The Western rush to judge Russia is not based on evidence or logic. China cautioned against jumping to a conclusion, is not conducive to finding out the truth. MH17 was flanked by Ukrainian fighter jets. Russia wants explanation for warplane flying within 3 miles of downed airliner. Coupled with the facts that the airliner was diverted into a war zone it neednt have flew over, and also ordered to fly at a lower altitude, this opens the possibility that the US backed Ukrainian military was inviting a Russian attack, or even conducting a false flag attack. UPDATES on MH17 plane down in east Ukraine near Russia: July is Ramadan month KNOW YOUR ENEMY! The 1973 Yom Kippur war was a Ramadan war. It is highly likely a lot of WAR will be occurring this summer - including inside USA. After Ramadan is over many WARS have begun. US Military FORCED to OBEY Muslim law! WW3 between christians and muslims, this old illuminati satanic vision is being fulfilled WW3 Albert Pike satanic vision: John 14:6 Messiah Jesus Christ said, I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE. NO one comes to the Father but through Me. ONLY ONE WAY - JESUS CHRIST, Son of GOD There is Salvation in no one else, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12 If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9 Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow. Isaiah 1:18 JESUS PAID it ALL: PRAY for DISCERNMENT, WISDOM - DAILY! Doubt everything you hear or read - even me Almost NOTHING we see is REAL!!! CHOOSE this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15 Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:8 GODs NEWS, Holy Bible, the ONLY TRUTH Bible translations, versions I like, New King James, ESV, NASB, NIV, Living. Keep looking straight ahead, look neither to the left nor to the right, but look to the LORD JESUS CHRIST Who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Trust in Him and be not disuaded from your calling. The Word of Promise is a dramatized audio Bible which brings the scriptures to life. Gospel of John, audio: BIBLES and sermons online: WHY is the apocrypha rejected as biblical canon: Holy Bible online: Galatians, audio bible: NEWS Links WATCH.ORG DEBKA.com ynetnews.com jpost.com WND.com jnewswire.com PJmedia.com naturalnews.com dailyjot.com freebeacon.com NewsMax.com globalsecurity.org NewsWithViews.com survivalblog.com FOXnews.com Aaronic priestly blessing The LORD bless you, protect and keep you. The LORD make His face shine upon YOU and be gracious unto YOU. The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His Peace. The origin of this hand sign It is the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim (Cohen priests) with both hands, thumb to thumb, representing the Hebrew letter Shin, Shaddai, meaning Almighty God. Numbers 6:25-26 PLEASE keep me in DAILY prayer - Bookmark my forum! The internet will be taken away from Christians. Could occur very soon, hope not. The ONLY NEWS is in the 66 books of the Holy Bible. Email Pastor CJ, ZionsCRY

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